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The lung on the left has emphysema, the lung on the right has cancer.  Just a reminder, emphysema is a terrible way to die. Cancer is much faster and less painful.  Or at least that's what we're told....over and over and over 32 yr old chronic smoker with tongue cancer

Bronchial cancer in the lungs Here is a smoker whose cancerous tumor started in his mouth and moved to his neck before killing him.

Lung cancer from smoking. The cancer in the lung is evidenced by the white area on the left side (right lung).

Some people care about their health and don't care if it's legal to smoke.  No one should ever intentionally or knowingly hurt another person...EVER! If you continue to smoke, this is probably where you will end up many years too early.  Even worse, you will die with regret in your heart and tears in your eyes.  The bright side is that you will have lots of company.  Over 440,000 Americans die every year as a result of smoking...1 out of 8 is a non-smoker, and we're worried about tainted spinach, terrorism, e. Coli, drunk drivers, AIDS, guns, murder, salmonella.....  All of these combined don't add up to the amount of people killed from nicotine.

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