You will learn some things by reading information on this web site that you never thought of regarding methods to stop smoking and why previous attempts have failed. This information is a result of nearly a lifetime of studying nicotine addiction, psychology, and through 1000's of interviews and research.  We hope those smokers who understand and benefit from this information will tell their friends who also want to beat their nicotine addiction.

We concentrate on the psychology and mindset of being a smoker, and not the physical dependency of the body on nicotine. Once you have made a decision that you no longer desire to be a nicotine addict, you will refuse to be put nicotine in your body (in any form).

A quote you'll read again on this web site sums it up best.....

"The idea is to become a non-smoker, and not to remain a smoker, who doesn't smoke".

You must be willing to follow the advice we give you in order to benefit from this information.  We encourage you to smoke all the cigarettes you want while you are learning to retrain your thought process.  What this means, is that there is nothing anyone is UNABLE to do regarding following our suggestions and advice for learning to become a non-smoker. We've received many emails and phone calls from smokers who have stopped smoking successfully as a result of understanding the information and methods we offer.  We know that it works, however you must have a realistic desire to stop smoking.   Changing ones' thinking, along with the thoughts associated with smoking, and preparation, are the crucial elements in long-term success for beating a nicotine addiction.  The more clinical term being CBT (cognitive behaviorial therapy).

Everyone who stops smoking successfully (long-term), has to make that choice using their own free will.  You cannot quit smoking FOR your kids, or FOR your spouse, or because our organization or society in general has made you feel bad about doing it (although it does make you realize things you have been ignoring).  It has to come from within (deep within) for long-term success.  We have not received any government assistance or any of the tobacco settlement money because then we'd have to teach methods which have been proven do NOT work. The companies who sell quit smoking products are the ones who benefit from you smoking. Does it really make sense that they would really help you to stop? These products set you up for almost certain failure.  Statistics don't lie, only the companies who make and sell these products do. Contrary to what many people believe, Big Business, Big Tobacco, Pharmaceuticals, the media (major stockholders of tobacco stocks), are not your friends with regards to tobacco and nicotine addiction.
We know that you know you can stop smoking if you want to....but haven't you ever thought of the reasons why so many don't?  If your answer is because the nicotine dependency is so strong....think of this.  The nicotine is out of a persons' body in just a few days after stopping, yet almost everyone who fails at quitting, fails AFTER the nicotine is completely gone from their bodies. There's more to it than you may think. You can be assured, we won't lie to you, and we know what we're talking about. 
We want to help you see through the illusion of smoking and why the success rate of smokers wanting to stop is only about 4-5%, despite approx. 83% of smokers who say they want to stop.

-Thank you for your time-



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