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  • A smoker will soon smoke the last cigarette they will ever smoke.

  • Video clips & emails from successful quitters telling how and why they quit.
         (Send us video clips and testimonials now).

  • School talks and conferences designed to educate about the FACTS of smoking.

  • Contests and drawings for non-smokers where we'll give away lots of free stuff.

  • Local and long distance bicycle rides where we promote fitness and health, and the benefits of becoming a non-smoker or never smoking that very first cigarette. You know the one, the one that will make you cough, hack, and feel like you're about to die? That should be enough of a warning that rolled up weeds, laced with cancer-causing chemicals, lit on fire, sucked on from the other end, inhaled deeply into pink, tender lungs, is probably not a good idea. Click here to see the video clip from NBC Channel 3 News that covered our first ride on New Years Day. Click here for the newspaper article.

  • Seminars for those wanting & willing to learn to stop smoking.
    Click here for much of the vital info on a printable web page.
    If you don't think it's important because it's free, please send us whatever you think it's worth, and, PLEASE, only do this after you've stopped smoking, and only after you know you will never smoke again.

    Fair enough?

    Here's a clue that may mean more than anything you've ever read or heard. Almost all long-term smokers who are successful and stop with little or no discomfort, know immediately after their last cigarette.
    Those who try to quit, fail.
    Those who stop, succeed.

  • Send us your ideas or suggestions for anything you'd like to see on here.
    Send to
    And please do not ask us for free nicotine patches, gum, etc.
    You're brainwashed.
    People who quit while using them, quit in spite of them, not because of them. Why do you think the success rate is only about 5%? However, some may have a habit of wanting to support big corporations, big tobacco, and the pharmaceutical and medical industry. If so, go ahead and spend more of your money with them. It should be noted that we do things we want to do. Our education and reasoning skills determines that. Habit - schmabbit. Smoking is an addiction. Not smoking will become a habit in no time. When you decide you don't want to be addicted to nicotine anymore, you will stop ingesting nicotine into your body. Did you know that there is enough nicotine in one cigarette, to kill a person instantly if injected?

    Before you move on to one final web page. We hope you know how passionate we are about helping smokers beat their nicotine addiction for the LAST time. It used be enough to just know a person has quit. Now we're not happy unless a smoker can accomplish this easily. This means without being miserable, irritable, and counting the hours and minutes since their last cigarette. That is torture and is NOT the formula for long-term success.

    For anyone interested, there is a web page we want you to read that offers $500 to any smoker that can show that smoking cigarettes is not stupid. It's not meant to attack or demean anyone, only to help smokers see smoking as it really is. So here is the link to open Dr. Good's web site in a new window....but before you go, come here you little stinker..........


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