• Hello everyone, my name is Travis. 27 days ago I watched my father die of emphysema. At the time of his death he was 6" 03" inches and weighed 120 lbs. much different than his normal 220lbs. My father endured fighting in the Navy during WW2, raising three seemingly insane children, and countless other tribulations, all of which he handled without ever showing an ounce of stress or regret. My father was the old world type of man that took care of his responsibilities without any complaints. Everything in his life he felt lucky and blessed to have. On my 22nd birthday, five years ago he was admitted to the emergency room because he was having trouble breathing. I truly believed this man was made of iron and nothing could really harm him. I saw it as something he would" just get over" When he came home and they began bringing the oxygen tanks and the breathing machines and the treatments into the house, I became worried. My dad told me not to be concerned, because he felt fine. The next five years I would watch my father slowly die. He was 74 years old. He went from riding his bike to the store to being bed ridden. He went from being a 30 year old trapped inside a 70 yr old body, to a 70 yr old trapped in his room. He began smoking when he was 12 when there was no anti smoking campaigns or groups. How anyone in today's world could begin smoking is beyond me. I am only 27 yrs old. I needed my dad here to answer all my questions. I needed him here to tell me how to get through the rough times as well as he did. I needed him here to explain why my car wont start, or why it starts in the first place. I just need him here. I'm sure he would have lived another 20 years if it wasn't for his smoking. Both his mom and dad lived into their late 90's Anyone out there smoking right now please take a look at your kids and remember that no matter how old you or they are anything you can do to stay around one more day is the greatest gift you could ever give them.

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