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Dear Duffy,


I wanted to write you to thank you for the information you provided me and my husband and for the phone call.  It was almost like a miracle how I somehow started to not want to smoke after following the methods you told me about, and I read about from your web site. Well, the bottom line is, I really started to think like a non-smoker, and that was the key.  After all, non-smokers don't smoke.  It was much easier to think about becoming a non-smoker, than to count the days since I last smoked, like I have done in previous attempts at quitting.  I somehow knew immediately when I said I was "done smoking”, and that I would never smoke again.  I had never felt that way before. 


My husband didn't follow your methods at first and thought it was a big joke.  However, after I quit, he decided to do it also (with my nagging), and it was so unbelievable.  He's now quit also.  I wish I could hug all of you people (my husband said he will too).  We can't thank you enough.  


My question is, what do we owe you?  Your passion for helping people is overwhelming and an inspiration.  It's been about 6-7 months since we quit.  My husband just recently received the biggest raise he's ever got at his job.  He's like a different person (we both are).


Thank you very, very much again, and I hope other people who want to quit will do what you suggest.  It really does work.


We are eternally grateful,



Naomi and Eric

El Paso, Texas