I smoked for 23 years, during which time my father died of lung cancer yet I continued to smoke using every excuse possible. My left lung collapsed while I was sitting up in bed on a Saturday morning. No cold, no pnuemonia , no warning. I luckily survived after 18 days in the hospital where I was connected to an oxygen tube, scope surgery trimmed and stapled my lung and I have been smoke free since April 6th, 1996. I watched the nicotine leave my body for 18 days. The hardest part was what to do with my hands, 23 years is a long time. I started sewing and chewing gum.It was easier for me when I looked in my children's faces and I hope my rather graphic story helps someone try just a little harder.It is wonderful not to smoke, no more excuses or guilt trips to get through. Good Luck and keep trying, each day is new. Peace.

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