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Our organization is comprised of a variety of individuals whose main objective is to make the world a better place. We believe this is accomplished by helping the people in it to become happier, healthier, and friendlier, to themselves, and others.

Based on statistics that show approx. 83% of smokers want to quit smoking, we want to do whatever we can to facilitate that process. We know that everyone who quits sucessfully, must do it on their own, and everyone has different reasons for wanting to quit. We know that everyones' mind works differently. However, there are a few key methods for re-training the mind that we know is the secret for long-term success and we want to share that knowledge. We do not sell any products of any kind and rely on support from the general public.

This website is part of the Putters From Heaven® organization. Our charter members include: Russell "Bart" di Bartolo, Ph.D., Psychologist; Tom Whelan, Ph.D., Professor/Fitness Trainer; R. "Duffy" McDonough, Founder, Putters From Heaven®

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